Videos: High Definition, Timelapse And Others.


It is no surprise that I have interest in high quality videos. In fact, owning the Nikon d70 with 15k photos in file, I am leaning now toward hd video.

Timelapse video are made from images taken in a long period of time, and then played back at film rate speed. Using the Nikon d70 for taking pictures assures an exceptional image quality. Now all I have to do is going out and record images. I will be busy for a long time and I need a laptop.

Here is my first homework. It is winter outside and I need a computer close by to record images. So I have shoot trough the window at sunset. I realise that timelapse video needs slowly moving things and in this first try, the wind was good for moving clouds but not trees in the first plan. But the image quality is there.


This is a still images hd 1080-720p zip file. It contains about 40 images collected during the summer 2005. Domwnload and unzip the file and use an high quality picture viewer like Nikon Picture Project.


2005 collection.

This is a hd 1080-720p video from Thompson Scenium. I suspect that they are selling Hd television and they put this video together to show off their product. Stunning.

 Thompson scenium.

This is a 1080-720p hd timelapse video. A colorful and shapely sunset upon st-Lauwrence river. It is my first timelapse outside the house. I used a cheap tripod and trigered the shutter by hand every 10 seconds which induced little movements to the camera. The iso was set to automatic and ended up to 1600 which added a lot of noise. I am learning.

timelapse 2006-12-14-1

Now a 1080-720 hd timelapse of a higway at night. In black and white. I have discovered that the camera must be in complete manual fix settings in the matter of aperture and shutter speed. I had the shutter speed, but not the aperture at about the third. It should stabilize the light steady. Next try...

timelapse 2006-12-15

Today's hd 1080-720p timelapse was about image quality. The video is in 2 parts. In the first part the shots are raw files and the second jpg files reduced from 1000/1500 pixels. I definitively have more control editing the raw files than the jpgs. Do I have better results. See the test.

timelapse 2006-12=16

Strange object on the shots.


This is a 1080/720p sd video shots in nef format reduced from 3000/2000. I am looking for the highest quality here. Sadly my memory card is just 512mgs so not more than 99 photos. Did I succed? Maybe it is the best I can do. Maybe I can find tricks and tips on the net to do better.

It is a sunset. Moving clouds above the sun going down. That is what we had today.

timelapse 2006-12-17

Two new 1080-720p view from my windows. I have discovered that rendering images needs compression. Windows media 9 compress the images even if they are already the good size. So the quality is going down. I am using vegas7 as editer. I tried quick time and did not find settings comparable to wmv files. Either they are uncompress and useless or not goog enough. Vegas do not have the .264 setting. I will look around on the net to find what peoples in the know are doing.

timelapse 2006-12 -18

timelapse 2006-12-19