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This portal presents some of my professional and leisure activities. Throughout the years, I have developed skill, knowledge and practice in a few domain. This site presents my work and my realisations. I partake here anything doing with love and passion. This is the best of me. This is how I live my life.




I have this great passion since my young age for sailing. Making a long story short, let say that I like fast and efficient day sailors. My whole life is organized so I can go sailing everyday during the summer. And with vessels I have restored or built myself. I am touching every aspect of fast sailing and boat building. From cutting and gluing to fine tune sail shape.

You can find pictures of my realisation and also drawings of my dream designs through the links below:





I am sensible at the beauty of the world. I consider a privilege to witness great moments when creation and nature express themselves. It is food for my heart, my soul and my intelligence. This is why I love photography. Being able to capture a unique moment. Catching a scene, a landscape, people in a glorious manner. When the magic moments arise, I say in myself: this is beautiful, thank you very much and I feel very much alive. I hope you feel the same.

You may find photo albums of my work through the link below.



I am a musician from my early age. I did my school in music and have a degree in composition. My instrument is the flute and I write and produce music with the help of a powerful computer system. I write in different genre like film music, neo classic and new age. I produce a cd of music every year or so.

Music is different then image in his way of developing over time. You can not embrace a piece of music in a glimpse like photography. The composer may ear in his head but never all at the same time. So is the magic: music come through the composer and he must be receptive to inspiration. And where is inspiration coming? I would say from the universe, from the creative source. And this is why composing music is attractive to me. It is like it comes from a self bigger than I, that know and possess infinite power and I can only transcribe part of it the best I can. This prove to me that a human being is very much bigger then he appears. And I say thank you in my heart to have this ability.

You can hear and download my work through the link below:


I am trying very hard to learn internet marketing. This fantastic medium is like a big store. I have products that I want people to know about. So I am practicing the job of webmaster. I can built web sites of course, but learning how to attract visitors and provide them with products and information that is profitable to them is something to master. I did try some different models and you can find most of them through the link below: