The Sierra 26 ultimate sportboat in photos.

Sierra 26, sportboat.

The 26 Sierra represents a new generation of production competition and . It's design and construction draw heavily on current America's Cup engineering and concepts. Built by James Betts Enterprises and designed by Nelson/Marek Yacht Designs, it is a product of the best that America has to offer.

The 26 Sierra is a one-design and PHRF class boat that is intended to be significantly faster than other similar or competing designs on the market. Utilizing aerospace construction techniques and materials and the design strength that Bruce Nelson brings to this project, this boat goes unmatched by any mono-hulled sailboat in sail-area/displacement ratio.

The 26 Sierra is twenty six feet long and displaces only one thousand and one hundred pounds! The entire boat is built from carbon fiber. The mast and boom are carbon fiber as are the keel fin and rudder. All underwater surfaces are epoxy coated. Therefore, this boat is light, fast, and race ready!

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Sierra 26 at dockSierra 26 closed hauledsierra 26v on trailer